'Grow' Eco-Friendly Baby Milestone Cards
'Grow' Eco-Friendly Baby Milestone Cards
'Grow' Eco-Friendly Baby Milestone Cards

'Grow' Eco-Friendly Baby Milestone Cards

The Nested Sprout
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Designed and handmade with love, our 'Grow ' baby milestone card set is the perfect accompaniment to capture those precious monthly milestones of your little sprout.

Sustainable and made with 100% recycled paper our eco-friendly milestone cards will continue to grow with your little one. Choose from your choice of two 100% recycled paper stock options. Embedded with seeds, our 100% recycled SEEDED paper option is biodegradable and designed to be planted after use so that you can enjoy watching them take new life and grow into beautiful Native Australian Swan River daisies.

Handmade, designed and printed by The Nested Sprout.

Eco-Friendly Baby Milestone Cards by The Nested Sprout
'Grow' set includes:
Fourteen 'GROW BABY GROW' baby milestone cards including a eucalyptus watercolour illustration.
Size: A6 (105 x 148mm)

Hello little sprout card
One week old card
One month old
Two months old to Eleven months old cards
One year old card

Comes beautifully packaged in a reusable eco-friendly calico drawstring bag made from unbleached natural fibres.

100% recycled SEEDED paper - Swan River daisies

For our Western Australian, Tasmanian and international customers, due to some stricter quarantine regulations, additional fees may be incurred in order to receive your items. The Nested Sprout and Rosalyn + Rae take no responsibility for these fees. As we still want you to enjoy our creations, you can select alternative non-seeded 100% recycled paper option direct from The Nested Sprout.
Please note:
This is a handmade and made to order item. Some imperfections may be seen due to the handmade nature of the card set, making your set truly unique. 

If you have chosen our seeded paper option, our planting guide will assist you in growing beautiful daisy flowers. 

Planting Guide: 
Soak card in water until soft. Place card on seed raising mix (in pot or ground). Lightly cover with more mix, water and ensure paper stays moist. Germination should take 7 - 21 days in warm soil conditions. *Some of the many seeds within the seeded paper should germinate under the right planting conditions, resulting in beautiful daisy blooms. 

Warning - this product is not a toy, and should only be used under supervision. The cards are embedded with seeds and they are not safe for babies to chew on.