Natural Rubber Soother | Round | Milky White

Natural Rubber Soother | Round | Milky White

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Completely plant based, these dummies are made from 100% natural rubber coming from the sap of the Hevea trees. The sweet colours are made from food-grade FDA approved natural colour pigments, because why settle for less when it's something your baby puts in their mouth?

The natural rubber has a silky smooth touch that is so soft and calming for your baby's face and teeth. The round teat is also perfect for those looking for a pacifier that is similar to the shape of your baby's bottle.

Hevea Pacifiers are a plastic-free alternative to traditional pacifiers that usually come with a plastic shield. Our sustainable pacifier is plant-based and derived from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. The Hevea pacifier is the first natural rubber pacifier in the world that comes in stylish and natural colours. Hevea dummies come in different sizes and are suitable for babies from newborn to 36 months. It is a great soother for newborn, as the soft shield and the natural rubber is gentle on your babies face.

Easy to clean in hot water and highly hygienic due to its seamless design. Always non-toxic, free of BPA, and free of phthalates.

Good for baby and good for the planet.

Better for baby, better for the planet

Made with 100% pure Hevea natural rubber, which gives you peace of mind when using the HEVEA products.

Naturally different

We are not one of those brands that promise you we are all about you and all about the ones you love. We put all our efforts into creating ways to care for those you love, be it your baby, your nephew or your puppy. And we do it in a way that takes care of the planet, for generations to come.

  • 100% natural rubber
  • no PVC, BPA, or phthalates
  • soft and gentle material which is 100% biodegradable

Each dummy arrives in a box made from FSC certified paper and biodegradable materials with Hevea signature graphics printed in vegetable inks.

Meets AUS regulation AS 2432-1991, EU standard EN1400, and US regulations CPSIA.