Silicone Nipple Shields 2-Pack (18mm)
Silicone Nipple Shields 2-Pack (18mm)
Silicone Nipple Shields 2-Pack (18mm)

Silicone Nipple Shields 2-Pack (18mm)

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If you're a mum with sore and raw nipples because of breastfeeding, Haakaa's Silicone Nipple Shields offer the perfect solution!

As we all know, breastfeeding can require a bit of practice for most mums. Our Haakaa Silicone Nipple Shields are an effective tool for helping mums who are having latch-on issues related to a premature or ill infant, flat or inverted nipples, tongue/lip tie, an overactive let-down or simply just getting used to the whole breastfeeding action.

Being ultra-thin, the super-soft silicone moulds to your breast and is warmed by your body heat, providing a natural and comforting feel for both mum and baby.

 Our Silicone Nipple Shields have an opening that's 18 mm in diameter for your nipple.

    • For latching difficulties or flat and inverted nipples to help mums continue breastfeeding.
    • Unique shape and super thin silicone allows for more skin contact between mum and baby. Also warms with mum's body temperature for a natural feel.
    • Ultra-thin, super-soft, flexible 100% food-grade silicone.
    • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.
    • Includes two shields and a protective case. 
    • Microwave steriliser and dishwasher safe.