Wide Neck Feeding Bottle Nipple - SLOW Flow - Natural Rubber

Wide Neck Feeding Bottle Nipple - SLOW Flow - Natural Rubber

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The HEVEA 100% natural rubber bottle nipples are very soft and have a natural feel that makes them a wonderful addition to or transition for breast-fed babies/toddlers to a bottle.

The slow flow option is perfect for babies and toddlers 0 - 3 months. The anti-colic design eliminates the need for excessive sucking force.

- Package contains one nipple
- Attach to the Wide Neck Baby Glass Bottle
- Vegan Certified 100% natural rubber
- Soft, lightweight, with a natural feel due its ribbing and cherry shape
- Anti-colic valve to protect baby’s sensitive stomach
- One-piece moulded design that fits tight to the bottle with no leaks
- Suitable for milk, formula, and water use

Benefits of the Nipple for the Wide Neck Baby Glass Bottle (Slow Flow)

- Perfectly safe for your child
- completely free from silicone, plastic and other petrochemical substances
- Not only are the eco-friendly nipples 100% biodegradable, so is their packaging which uses FSC® certified material box with Earth First® window made from plants
- Easy to attach on and off Wide Neck Baby Glass Bottles - no additional plastic needed to attach
- Easy to clean and sterilise – simply sit in freshly boiled water for a few minutes
- Resistant to bites and pulls from baby when drinking

Always check the nipple for tear and wear. The rubber nipple should be replaced after 6-8 weeks of use.